eCommerce Ideas – How to start a Dropshipping Birthflower Business.

Today we gonna give you a great business idea to start your own ecommerce project in 2022. We from pbt love doing ecommerce and we really want to share our ideas with you. And hey, normally, you only get these business ideas in the pbt plus vip membership. So We hope you enjoy and lets start by checking the idea first.
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Why eCommerce is still growing

eCommerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In 2017, about $2.3 trillion was spent online. A lot of people spend hours a day browsing what to buy and what not to buy from the comfort of their homes. And this trend is only getting bigger every single day: by 2022, an estimated $4 trillion will be spent online. The need for individual sellers to sell their products online has never been greater. So it´s still a good idea to start a ecommerce online businessin 2022!

What are Birthflowers?

This business idea is new and as no one else is doing it, you’ll be a pioneer. By creating personalized flowers for people who have given birth, you could grow very quickly. This topic has been trending over the past month and we found a really nice niche to put hands on. You never heard about birthflowers? No problem at all, lets check what im talking about. Its all about the question “What star sign is your child?” but now it relates to “What flower is it?” – that sounds interesting, doesnt it? Lots of women appreciate flowers as birthday gifts for their children and with the trend of telling their children which month they were born in different flowers, it is not so surprising that Google and Etsy have seen a major increase in searches.

Let´s check the products we found in this flowers online store. Look at these beautiful and neat flower bouquets. Imagine how efficiently you can spread the word about this. It can go viral within a short span of time. The great thing is, it’s handmade and this online store offers shipping rates all across the US. Know what that means? You don’t have to pay for anything else besides e-commerce dropshipping!

Go international

But also if you are not from the US, you could go to a local flower shop and ask them to produce these flower bouquets on demand for you. Not only that, if you grow fast you could easily make this business international. Look at all the countries this shop sells to. They do it, because the market there is profitable. We are sure, if you go deep, you can find easily a local flower store in every country that is listed here. And if you are really smart, you already have some ideas for more customizing these flower bouquets. Just search for “Birtfh Flower” in this shop. There is a real market for this topic!

Easy to start

There is also one more great point to mention about this business idea. In ecommerce you are always afraid of “returned” goods. The rate for this products should be close to zero, as these are perishable goods. Ok i see you took the bait and now you are asking youself, how can i start this business without investing big money.

Dont worry, we already have you covered! Check this beautiful Elementor Template Kit we have exclusively created for this business idea. Aha i can see you smiling now and i exactly know why. So as you can see, if you already have a website hosting you could start this business with a minimal invest of 79 dollars and a stripe account. And if you dont have a idea of website creating, just let us do the job for you by adding our expert services.

A lot of possibilites

As you can see there is a lot of potential here. It would also be possible to connect the online store with Etsy and offer other suitable products from there. The supreme discipline in eCommerce is cross-, down- and upselling. There are also matching Birthflower products on Etsy. Just enter “Birthflower Necklace” in your search there. A wonderful downselling product that you could also dropship.

Never sold online before? No problem! We are ecommerce experts and can help you with everything strategic. With a pbtPLUS membership you get access to the private members area where you can exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs and get your questions answered.

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