Why Website Recreation using AI is the next Big Thing you should pay Attention to.

Next-gen AI website builder is an end-to-end, no-code web technology. It creates high-quality WordPress templates that are fully responsive, customizable and built according to a customer's desires without copy-pasting code. The whole process takes a couple of minutes and isfully automated.
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How does it work?

Deep neural networks are the foundation of this modern AI assistant. It categorizes different parts of a web page based on widgets. This plugin can help you identify the difference between a call-to-action box and an image block, sliders vs galleries, etc. It also recognizes pricing tables and background videos. ML engineer John put together this little tool which views web pages as we, human beings, perceive them. It doesn’t take the content apart and process it like the HTML tree code is processed by a browser would. Humans are able to see the structure, the content, and more high level features than just a bunch of HTML tags. Neural networks are algorithms for detecting specific features of items and are now being used to classify a widget according to its type. They take into account dozens of properties such as shape, color, size, and weight.

Widget Feature Extraction

Each HTML selector may have hundreds of properties. Some of them are styles that are applied to an element. They contain nested elements, like tables etc. Each one of these has its own properties. In web design, a feature extraction is a group of algorithms which identify the important features of widgets that are most important to humans when browsing web pages.For example, it can find menu and submenu structure, determine if a gallery is grid or masonry, get the call-to-action buttons in a widget, identify slides and layers of a slider. Inputs to an extraction algorithm also produce typography and background styles of widgets.

Layout Construction

The Elementor page consists of Sections and Columns. A Page may also be built using any other Layout System. Layout Construction Algorithms recreate the final layout, mutual alignments, sizes and margins of widgets. They arrange them into sections and columns according to a model that is also dependent on the size of the devices for which the layouts are intended. This layout has been recreated as a responsive layout so it’ll work exactly as the original did. That includes backgrounds and more complicated elements, such as overlapping widgets, fixed positioned sections and fine tuning paddings. The visual aesthetics of websites in a generation are hard to match, but the presence of robust HTML semantics is what guarantees that there will be no tech-related issues.

Dynamic Content

Animations, CSS effects, and other dynamic components bring life to websites. Once data of the motion is collected, AI Assistant is able to understand the movement’s speed, direction and position. It then renders animations accordingly. When a template is built, no content gets lost. Even if you move the slider around, create parallax effects or introduce animations when entering the page, the result will be almost identical to the original design.

Full Template Construction

AI Assistant software provides almost all you need for a website – from the template to content and resources. If multiple pages have a single heading, it is recognized as a template. Setup your website to include optimized media, fonts, and styling systems.

Third Party Plugins

Is there an advanced form or gallery in the webpage? Having trouble with a widget? Rest assured that we have added a third-party plugin that should solve the problem for you. Did the AI Assistant encounter an ecommerce site? The AI will install WooCommerce and recreate products and build a full shop experience. Is there an SVG or WebP media, a custom font? Even WordPress core does not support them, but the AI Assistant does! It will install an additional 3rd party plugin to enable custom media types. You see, everything is possible!

What Can You Expect from the AI Builder?

10Web’s AI Builder was created to make UI design easier. Input the URL of any page you want to clone from another site and give it a start, and you’ll have your own website set up in minutes.From there, you can manage its content and upload any images you like.

Sounds great, doesn´t it? So why not give it a try. You can start for free without any placing of a credit card order. Just follow this link and check it out. And hey, just let us know here in the comments if you have tried the AI. We really want to know what you think about it!

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